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Mufti Abdul Qadir Barkatulla

  • Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla is a prominent Islamic Sharia’h law scholar with a strong background in economics and finance. He has been trained extensively both in traditional Islamic and modern Western educational traditions in India and UK.

  • Mufti Barkatulla is a Lecturer of Islamic Finance at Ebrahim College, London and served as a senior Imam of North Finchley London mosque for a decade.

  • As a director of Islamic Computing Centre, Mufti published (1986) electronic databases of Qur’an, Hadith, History and Islamic Law on CD-ROMs.

  • As one of Shari’ah Judges at the Islamic Shari’ah Council, London, Mufti acquired wide experience of dealing with socio-cultural and economic issues of Muslims living in UK and Europe.

  • Mufti Barkatulla is member of UK Fatwa Committee of European Council for fatwa and research and chair of Shariah board of Halal Food Authority UK and contributes regularly to ethnic and mainstream print and electronic media.

  • Mufti is a member of the Shariah supervisory boards of many financial institutions including Al-Rayan bank, formerly known as Islamic Bank of Britain, Arab Banking Corporation, London and United Bank Limited, UK.

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