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Ustadha Saleha Noor Islam 

  • Ustadha Saleha Islam – Is born and raised in the UK has been working and supporting the Muslim community for over three decades. 

  • She has excelled in various fields including being CEO/ Director of four national organisations in the UK including the Muslim Youth Helpline a mental health support service, and she is a founding trustee as well as the first female Director in Europe of a flourishing masjid- The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre (MCHC) Al Maanar Mosque in central London.  

  • She is also a highly accomplished social work consultant, having worked in senior positions at the NSPCC, the Police, Education sector and the NHS and social services. She is also a safeguarding consultant and has trained hundreds of imams and teachers in madrasa settings over the years. In addition to these accomplishments, she is a trained psychotherapist and Islamic counsellor and coach using the Quran and sunnah to help people overcome their life issues.


Premarital counselling and coaching.  

  • Marriage is a beautiful institution and in order to make it beautiful there has to be lots of compromise, attentive listening, understanding, love and forgiveness without that marriage will be very difficult, indeed in this day and age of instant gratification many couples realise that they cannot have it all unless they are willing to do the above.


  • In this process of counselling and coaching I will work with the couple so that they will be able to understand themselves better, deal with misunderstandings, communicate effectively even when arguments take place, manage and overcome family issues and establish healthy boundaries, including intimacy issues within a confidential safe and Islamic setting with Islamic values. Sessions are either face to face or online.  Please contact for further information. 

  • Ustadha Saleha speaks fluent Bengali, Sylheti dialect, Urdu, Hindi and English 

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