Fake Shari’a councils and fake divorce certificates

Warning: please be aware that con-artists are using the ISC logo and a similar email address to create fake divorce certificates. Our logo is a registered trademark and we will take legal action against anyone who falsifies our logo or paperwork. Our correct email address is info@islamic-sharia.org. Our address is 34 Francis Road, Leyton. We do not use PO box addresses and you should not trust anyone who does.

Notice to Clients in Bradford

Please be aware that Imran Nauth of Bradford is NOT a representative of the ISC, nor is the ‘Shariah Council London’, under which he operates. We have NO representatives working currently in Bradford.

The ISC was established in 1982 and was a grassroot movement by leading British Muslim leaders. The new backstreet councils trying to imitate it are doing a disservice to the British Muslim community.

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