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Maulana Abu Saeed

  • Born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, in August 1947.

  • In terms of his Islamic education, he passed the highest degree in Kamil Muhaddith, securing the first position in East Pakistan’s Madrasa Education Board, in 1968.

  • He then pursued BA English with Honors in the renowned MC College, Sylhet. He then went on to study one year in the Law College, Sylhet.

  • He also undertook teachers training course in England. He studied for PhD under University of Birmingham, UK but did not complete the course.

  • In Bangladesh, he was a Muhaddith teaching Bukhari, Muslim, and other Hadith literature.

  • In Britain, he was Imam and Khatib at East London Masjid for a period of 12 years up to 1990. He was a Muslim chaplain at a number of London hospitals for 18 years.

  • He has been associated with Islamic Shariah Council since its inception in 1982. He would answer  questions from the public on Q & A sessions on Islam Channel’s IslamiQa show for several years.  

  • He was a member of Central Ruyatul Hilal Committee of UK for many years. He has been a member of World Union of Muslim Scholars. He has been president of an Islamic organisation called Dawatul Islam UK & Eire.

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