01 January 2016 – CB8983

As salaamu ‘ alaikum.

With reference to all the bad negative press regarding the Islamic Sharia
Council i would like to give you some feedback regarding my recent meeting
with Sheikh Faruq.

I was very apprehensive and nervous about meeting the Sheikh as i had read
all the reports in the newspapers about how the Sheikhs were very biased
towards the men in the matrimonial cases and how the women were treated as
“second class” citizens. How they were “laughed” and mocked at. I had also
read the claims made by Baroness Cox how the Sharia Council give womens
evidence half the weight of that of a man.

This is  NOT TRUE.

I met Sheikh Faruq to discuss my case for Khula. He was one of the most
kindest compassionate men i have met. He welcomed me into his office with a
smile and greetings of “Salaam Sister”. He put me at ease straight away. He
listened to my case with compassion and understanding, making notes as i
talked about my marriage. Not once did he put me down or judge me or treat
me like a “second class ” citizen. He was very professional throughout. He
did not put pressure on me to do anything that i was not happy with. My
opinions and feelings were most important to him and he listened and advised
me fairly and justly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sheikh Faruq for being so
kind and helpful. He truly is an asset to the council and i feel the many
many women in my position should not hesitate to seek advise and help from
him and the other Sheikhs. Do not be put off by the bad press reports. They
are not true. My experience was completely opposite to what i had imagined.
All the staff are extremely kind and helpful and very professional. Thank

Wa Salaam


29 March 2013 – CB7925 

Asalaam Akaykum

I’ve received the divorce certificate.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for
the high level of professionalism, whilst managing my case.

Allah Hafiz


I have received my divorce certificate today. I want to say a big jazahkallah khai to Islamic Sharia Council  for their services. always being there on the phone when needed help and support through out my case. My case was dealth very well, always being informed through letters what is the next step. Yes it is providing a good services to the muslim community as it is helping people get out of difficulty and hardship by following the Quran and Sunnah. May Allah reward you all.


I found that my case was dealt with discretion, compassion and understanding. Everyone was very professional and helpful. I would like to thank you for your efforts to provide this service to the muslim community. The only thing i would like to mention is that the whole process takes a long time.
jazahkallah khairan for all you rwork, i am very grateful.

Date: 21-04-2013

I came to the Council as a Non-Muslim female and not only did everyone treat me with dignity and respect, I was won over with reason and kindness – there is no doubt in my mind that I was guided to meet you all and take my Shahada on the day of my first visit .. And although my circumstances are no different from when I first arrived at your door, I have an inner strength and peace that I’ve never experienced before ..
Thank you !
It really saddens me that you are receiving such bad press around the treatment and right of women’s rather than being commended for trying to guide and support families in the Muslim community .. I hope my example is a reminder that you are helping people every day ..
Keep up the good work. I’m forever grateful for your continued support on my new journey !

Date: 11 July 2012

as salaamu alaykum brother
i was trying to call, first I wanted to thank you for your kindness in taking on my case. I ask that my Lord, Allaah subhanu wa ta’alaa, relieve your affairs in this dunya and to make light your scales and grant you the
best of the akhira. mashaAllaah thank you for always being timely in help and in manner towards my concerns and affairs. mashaAllaah may you and the shaykh be rewarded in ten fold for the time you have both put, and for the efforts you have both made to protect me and ensure that I was in understanding of what to expect from my circumstance. May you be rewarded with continual grace in character and adaab.

wa salaam alaykum wa rahmathulaah

Date: 14 Dec 2012

Dear Sir,

Assalumu Alaikum.

Thank you so much for hearing my case that insha’Allah I have a good news coming from your good office. I consider this a big help in my side. Insha’Allah my marriage will not be no longer valid.

Thank you once again. May Allah bless you all for helping those people needs your help.


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