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Fatwa / Religious Ruling

We have a Fatwa department that can help with any query you have regarding Islamic rulings.

The fatwa department has dealt with the following:

  • Organ donation

  • IVF treatment

  • Inheritance/will

  • Verbal or written Talaq

  • Insurance

  • Abortion

  • Validity of nikaah

  • Pension

  • Student Loans

  • General fiqh of purification

  • Fasting

  • Mortgages

  • Transaction

  • Zakaah

  • Salah

  • Halaal  food and medicine

You can email us your query and someone from the Fatwa department will get back to you as soon as possible.

For Fatwa related questions email:

We also work closely with the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), an independent, specialised Islamic body made up of many scholars. Click Here to visit their webpage.

Fatwa Committee UK is the UK branch of the ECFR. Click Here to visit their webpage.

Please complete the given application form and return it to with a screenshot of a payment.

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