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Marital Counselling by Saleha Noor Islam

The importance of good counselling and mediation:

Marriage is the bedrock of all Islamic institutions and necessary for decent and harmonious existence. The failure of a marriage has consequences for the emotional health and financial stability of all parties concerned, especially children. We urge Muslims to seek out good counselling services to gain the help they need.

Counsellors with decades of expertise and qualifications are entitled to charge for their services and should be respected for the services they provide while earning a halal income. Please do not feel it is acceptable to spend thousands on holidays, clothes, jewellery and so forth, but not a few hundred for important, life-saving advice that could Insha Allah transform your marriage.

Premarital counselling and coaching.  

  • Marriage is a beautiful institution and in order to make it beautiful there has to be lots of compromise, attentive listening, understanding, love and forgiveness without that marriage will be very difficult, indeed in this day and age of instant gratification many couples realise that they cannot have it all unless they are willing to do the above.


  • In this process of counselling and coaching I will work with the couple so that they will be able to understand themselves better, deal with misunderstandings, communicate effectively even when arguments take place, manage and overcome family issues and establish healthy boundaries, including intimacy issues within a confidential safe and Islamic setting with Islamic values. Sessions are either face to face or online.  Please contact for further information. 


  • Ustadha Saleha speaks fluent Bengali, Sylheti dialect, Urdu, Hindi and English 

  • Charges for her counselling and mediation session are £150 per session.

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