The ISC provides a number of services. Outlined below are the services and their cost.

CostPlease keep in mind that the cost below is just to cover our admin expenses and to keep the office up and running so that we can provide a quality service to the public.

Please Note: Any Case appointment cancellation must be made via telephone or email minimum 24hours before the appointment, otherwise there will be  £10 admin fee to pay next time.




General Appointment or
Fatwa Following general
Fatwa without Appointment £50
Nikah in Office £200
Nikah outside office £300+ (depending on location)
Mediation £50
Letter to court/any official
£50 per hour
Duplicate Divorce certificate £50
Certified marriage £100
Financial Dispute £50 per hour per person
Document attested with Stamp £30
Meeting related to Khula /
Talaq case which has been
Khula £400
Talaq £400
Marriage counselling £50
Photocopy of certificate £10
Posting back documents £10

The above prices are subject to change without prior notice. However we try our best to make sure the prices shown on our website are current.

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