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Staff Abuse

We hold a very strict policy on abusive behaviour towards our staff members.

We understand that most of the people calling are going through a tough time
and sometimes end up venting out on ISC staff members. ISC staff members

are very tolerant people and will endeavour to listen to your problem with

complete patience. But not at any point will we accept Foul and abusive

language or physical violence.

  • If at any point someone uses foul language on the phone, the ISC staff

       will ask you to call back later once you have had a chance to calm down

       and will gently put the phone down.

  • If you are visiting the ISC in person and become abusive towards the staff,

        we would ask you to kindly leave the premises and come back once you

        have composed yourself.

  • If physical violence is involved in any way, we will not hesitate to call the


  • If you have a case registered with the ISC and any of the above occurs, we will keep a record of that within your case file.

  • At the same time no client should have to accept abuse from the ISC staff members. If such an incident occurs, you can use the form below in full confidentiality.

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